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A Hoosier is...

A 'hoosier', essentially, is undefinable, since its origins go back further than any can find information on its existence. This section will describe all the different 'definitions' of the word 'hoosier'.

In the article, What's a Hoosier?, located at this site , the definition of a Hoosier is brought to life. One theory is cited as, "Take the one that has a contractor in 1825 named either Samuel Hoosier or Hoosher. His workers, who helped build a canal on the Ohio River, were predominantly from Indiana. They were called "Hoosier's men" or "Hoosiers."

Also, "A more colorful tale has the word deriving from the phrase fearful early settlers called out when startled by a knock on their cabin door: "Who's here? -- a call that over time degenerated into Hoosier."

OR, "Not nearly so clever but perhaps more plausible is the suggestion by Peckham and others that the term may derive from "hoozer" -- a word that in the Cumberland dialect of Old England means "high hills." continuing, "By extension, it was attached to a hill-dweller or highlander and came to suggest roughness and uncouthness," Peckham states. "Thus, throughout the Southeast in the eighteenth century, 'Hoosier' was used generally to describe a backwoodsman, especially an ignorant boaster, with an overtone of crudeness and even lawlessness."

Pretty much, it's just a derogatory term that people use to refer to Indiana-folk, which we have in turn made into a word of pride and respect, with companies using the name in their titles to draw business from Indiana folk.

Adequate enough, or shall I research it further?

As for my comic, it could be taken in a few ways. Perhaps I just mean that the comic is about a group of people that are from Indiana, who just so happen to be morons. Or perhaps I use it to make it even more ironic, the title itself a redundant statement? See, I have layers... Like an onion... Or something...

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