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Mouse's Head
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Mouse Mouse
Mouse is the alleged 'main character' of Hoosier Morons.
You'll grow to love him, I promise. He likes to draw, sing, and write, and he's really stupid. More stupid than Gomer Pyle, even.
Gomer Gomer
Gomer is the computer geek type, who spends most of his time either in front of a computer monitor or on a video game of some sort. He has beaten every game known to man.
Danimal Danimal
Danimal is very happy.What else is there to say? It's kinda eerie, actually. He also likes to be the center of attention.
Trekkie Trekkie
Trekkie is exactly what his name implies, a trekkie.
If ever anyone has any questions on 'the show', he has the answer, guaranteed. Though he claims he's normal...
Fuzzy Fuzzy
Fuzzy is one of those people who shaves in the morning and has a full beard by the end of the day. It just ain't normal, I tell ya!
SQW3RL is the older of the younger brothers of Mouse.
Does that make any sense? Well, he's been known to use 'L337' now and then, but pokes fun at those who use it all the time.
Ziggy Ziggy
Ziggy, the youngest brother of Mouse, he is the number cruncher. He aspires to be an accountant, which is something all the other Morons cannot understand. Embezzling must be good money, I suppose? Though he'd never do that...
Newman Newman
Newman... Have you ever watched that show, Seinfeld?
Ya know the character, Newman? That's pretty much who this guy looks like, except younger and happier...
Old Man Old Man
Old Man is the father of Cage, Mouse, SQW3RL, and Ziggy.
Old Man is a mean ol' cuss, except when he's the GM for the Morons' GURPS roleplaying sessions. Then he's totally in character. It's almost like he *gasp* likes it!
Maxx Maxx
Maxx has attempted to 'fill in' for Mouse from time to time, often causing confusion and paranoia of Mouse's demise. More 'fill-ins' are expected as he feels the urge.
Cheese Cheese
Cheese is the wife of Mouse. She is the voice of reason in times of insanity. (AKA: when Mouse comes up with an idea.) Expect to see her show up now and then.
Cage Cage
Cage is the oldest brother of Mouse, SQW3RL, and Ziggy. He has obvious and superior experience in any subject known to man. He assisted a group of the Morons in forming a successful boy band, the Brown Haired Brothaz. Expect to see him pop up in the future from time to time.
Big Red Big Red
Big Red is the one time enforcer/makeover artist for Cage. He has since left the employ of Cage, and taken up showing up randomly and causing mayhem in the world of the Morons.
Dozer Dozer
Dozer, one time enforcer/makeover artist for Cage has disappeared without a trace, leaving behind a senseless letter about 'wedgie revenge'. Expect to hear from him someday down the road.
Dell Boy Dell Boy
Dell Boy continues doing news reports on the Morons, and he is waiting for them to come into the limelight once again so he can give his unbiased opinion on them.
More to come!
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